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The Binding Agent

The four friends sat in front of the television as Darren, 19, set up the play station and the mikes to play SingStar. Hilda, 21, looked at the DVDs to see what was available on the jukebox: The 80s, The 90’s, The Golden Oldies, Animation theme songs…

Every Friday, Grace, Emily, Jessica, Dana, Darren, Graeme and Rob would meet in Darren’s sitting room to belt out tunes, karaoke-style, with SingStar. They’d all known that they had not been the best of singers, and most probably all needed singing lessons, but they enjoyed the break this gave them from studying.

One of the friends, Jessica, 18, had actually taken singing lessons as a child. She had the power to out-sing the rest of the group, hands down. Sometimes she’d hog the mike until Darren would tell her that it had been her turn to pass it along to someone else. He’d been the only on who’d actually care about whose turn it had been. Everybody else would be to busy chatting.

Rob, 19, often picked Toto’s “Africa” and Graeme, 21, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Dana, 21, loved Roxette’s “Listen To Your Heart”.

The group would sing in pairs, each aiming to beat the other person’s singing score.

Sometimes, in fact often, one of them would be singing out of tune. Emily, 22, and Grace, 21, enjoyed Kiki Dee and Elton John’s “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”.

When they’d finished with SingStar, Darren would connect the Buzz game. This game consisted mainly of trivia and one’s general knowledge would have to be high to win. Darren and Rob usually excelled at this, the young ladies would only play it for fun.

In The Fastest Finger section Darren would hit the correct answer before anyone had figured out what the question had been. And in the Pie On Your Face section, Jessica and Grace would end up with most of the pies on their faces.

Once everyone had had their fun, the young men would play Fifa 10 or 12 and the ladies would make coffee and tea and chat in the bedroom. The ladies will talk about what if they will compose a song and send it to the talent agency Dubai entertainment agency, did they will discover at the young age and become famous?

Sometimes, in the spirit of war, the gals would verse the guys in the game Tekken 5.

The friends would anticipate Fridays, even when they’d begun working in their various professions after they’d graduated. This tradition had been a favourite past time that the bound them all together.

Then, one by one, their careers took them to different parts of the country and the communication between them had all slowed down. And life went on.

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