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Get A Shirt To Let Everyone Know Your Spidey Sense Is Tingling

Making sure that your wardrobe is always well organized, and stocked with a variety of choices, can take the stress out of deciding what to wear every day. One of the most common apparel pieces you will have to shop for every now and then are T-shirts. They are the perfect choice for almost any style that you may want to try out, and their abundance makes it easy to find them almost anywhere. Still, this may not mean that you have pinpointed your perfect T-shirt right away. There are still plenty of other things to settle upon, before you can claim it and add it to your collection.

Look for a professional design

The most popular type of T-shirts are the ones that have some sort of graphic design on them. However, the only flaw of the generic, store-bought T-shirts with prints is the fact that the design tends to peel off very quickly. A few spins in the washing machine, and you will already start to see some cracks in the design. If you were looking to protect your brand-new spiderman T shirt, from losing that Spidey logo, you may want to get a personalized design, made by a professional who makes good quality T-shirts with a print. The difference between these and the regular ones is that a professional design will always use a special screen printing ink, and use a heat press to seal the design deep within the fabric, and one of the biggest pros related to that is the fact that this kind of a T-shirt is just as machine washable as any other one.

Protect the store bought designs

If you can’t exactly afford a professionally printed shirt, there are plenty of different ways to protect the ones you have already bought from losing their design. A good way to initially protect it from crumbling off, would be to grab some grease proof paper, cover the design, and then iron it with the highest heat for about five minutes. Make sure not to iron a single spot for too long, because this could burn the design. After you have finished ironing it, the design should be fairly long lasting, and – voila! Your beloved spiderman shirts just got their life extended by at least a month. Click here to find out more about other comic characters that is printed on the shirt that is designed to give something unique and shows your love for your favorite hero.

You should wash them separately

No matter how durable the design is, you should avoid washing it with the rest of your laundry. If you regularly wash them in a washing machine, set this one aside, not only because you will need to hand wash it, it if it happened to get stained, but also requires a significantly smaller amount of detergent. If you are not sure about the correct measure you should be using when washing, try to add about one quarter of the amount you regularly use.

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