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Find Out Why Your Computer Would Not Boot Completely Or At All

Hardware problems happen all the time, especially if you use your computer a lot and do not let it ventilate properly, which can get its ventilator to break and the computer parts to burn down. Sometimes, the computer can have a hardware problem where it does not boot up completely or even at all, which can cause the user a lot of confusion, especially if the used is not an IT preoccupied person.
If you are not fond on solving technical issues by yourself, you should hire one of the many IT companies to take a look and find out why your computer does not boot up and even to help you fix it. If you are somewhat into the technical world of the computers, here are some steps to help you find out why the booting process does not take place properly.
Diagnose the problem which stops your computer from booting up
The first thing any of the IT companies out there would recommend is to turn your computer off and to make sure that all of your wires and input and output panels are securely plugged in. Then turn your computer back on and just observe what happens. If your computer does not boot up at all, then you have a hardware problem. If your computer boots up partially and asks you to choose an option for booting up, read the directions given to you on that page and act according to them.
If your computer doesn’t boot up, turn it off again. Turn it back on and go into BIOS. If you are experienced with computers, you can get everything back to normal from this page. Set your FSB and your vCORE back to their normal levels. Press restore to factory settings from your BIOS page and everything will be solved.
Then turn the PC off and then on again. If it still does not work, take the battery out of the motherboard and wait for it to discharge for about two minutes. Be aware to have your power cord unplugged when doing this. Move your CMOS jumper and wait 5 to 10 seconds. If that does not work, take all of the little parts out and then put them back in. Put the battery from your motherboard back in with the shinier part up. By doing this you have cleared your hard drive and CMOS memory and everything should go right back to the way it was and your computer should be able to boot up normally.

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