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Details Are All That Matters In Giving A Space Its Personality

A building, whether it’s a personal residence or an office space, will have to go through several steps that are part of a much complex building and decorating process and this is where we’ll try to explain a bit the details of this process, as it can always come in handy to know more about what’s going to happen if you’re thinking of building or decorating a place.
After the initial building process, with the building of the walls and the foundation, it is only natural to deal with final touches and that is represented by the fit out company in Dubai which will help making the space livable and fully functional. As easy as this may seem, it is actually a complex task that has to have building permits and all sorts of approvals, and a lot of work with the installation of devices such as air conditioning, IT equipment and special facilities.
Every single building or decorating step can play a decisive role for the future building
Depending on the exact specifications of the occupants/customers, the fit out process will be under the form of various activities, categorized also. The first and most important is called the “shell and core” works and they’re usually dealing with the details that stand out, like lobbies or reception desks, staircases, bathrooms, toilets and even car parking.
Then there are the category A and category B works that include, in the following order, the suspended ceilings and the entire surface finishes, also the proper distribution of all the mechanical and electrical services. Within the B category, the customer or tenant gets to see his brandings and final finishing done, the offices all equipped with proper facilities for meeting rooms or conference rooms, delimitation of the reception area, installation of kitchen appliances and even furniture. It’s the phase where interior designers get to listen to their customers and try to comply with the needs and requests of the people who hired them. This is also the phase where the customers decide what type of furniture they want or materials used for the interior design.
Modern and stylish office spaces can really tell a story about its users and investors; such a place will always look professional to those who can become potential customers and will give the feeling of a great care towards quality, plus the feeling that anything can be achieved and admittedly every single person lets himself or herself being impressed or not by the environment and the aspect of the places where they are at that moment, be it a business office, at home or a medical facility.

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