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Creatives Things To Do In Starbucks

Sometimes you see those people sitting in Starbucks who have been there for ages and wonder what they have been doing for the past couple of hours. They are easy to spot as they are ones with the laptop connected to the mains for the long haul or the single person taking up a full table which you and your companions have been eyeing up since you walked in the door. If you are just a simple beverage and out the door kind of person and you can’t quite get your head around what these people are up to, here are a few things that you can do the next time you are in Starbucks or any other similar establishment for that matter.For a lot of people it is all about the free Wi-Fi. Well, technically the Wi-Fi isn’t free because you have to buy something first but seen as you went in for a drink anyway it is pretty much as free as it gets. Anyway, digressions aside DIFC coffee shops are a great place to hang out and scrounge as much internet access and electricity as possible because there are hardly any stories of people being thrown out of Starbucks or Costa for sitting quietly in the corner and minding their own business. The next time you are in one of these places just check the types of characters with the tablet or laptop in constant use as they are probably the student types who wold rather spend a couple of dollars on a drink or two rather than several dollars on a router.
It’s all about people watching because what else is there to do? There is nothing better than sitting down in a coffee shop with a beverage in hand and watching the world go by. It is very cathartic actually and highly recommended. You don’t have to be a OAP or a student with nothing to do, all you need is a few hours to kill and a window seat and you are good to go. The big chairs in the corner are always incredibly comfortable, which is just another reason why you should give it a try.
You can’t do this is every country but if you are in the right place then you might want to spark up a joint and have a happy cigarette. This isn’t promoting drugs or these types of affairs – it is just merely a nod to the fact that in some places in the world this is an actual reality and not a pipe dream. If you are a kind of person who wants to try everything, within reason of course, then you might want to give it a go. However, even if you are in Amsterdam you can’t just partake in one in a Starbucks as it has to be in a regulated area.

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